Acceleration Consultancy

Zen Systems provides a comprehensive process of assessment, consulting, resourcing and support for your innovation.

  • Initial Assessment: We analyze all aspects of your innovation business, product or project from a multidisciplinary and integrated perspective, and recommend how to move ahead to reach your goals efficiently. This is the entry point to working together.
  • Consulting Packages: We provide you with the tools, resources and assistance you need to achieve accelerated innovation excellence.

Initial Assessment

We meet with your entire team for a minimum half-day,to assess the state of your venture, and to create together with you a plan of action – to quickly and efficiently ensure your innovation exceeds your intended goals.

    We assess your business from multiple linked perspectives:

  • Goals
  • Product/Service
  • Technical
  • Customer/Market
  • Packaging
  • Business
  • Timescale
  • Planning
  • Team
  • Budget
  • Financing
  • Processes
  • Communications
  • Partners and Ecologies
  • Integration


  • Added Clarity and consistency to your processes
  • Integrated and effective planning
  • Accelerated and empowered actions
  • Tools to support execution


In the completion of our meeting, we provide a verbal summary of recommended actions as well as how you can accelerate transformed thinking into effective action, with your existing, or available, resources.

We follow this by providing a detailed written summary of our assessment meeting with recommendations, including:

  • Where your venture is now
  • Where you want to go, and by when
  • What are the obstacles you are facing
  • Specific recommendations for solutions-oriented actions to create the success you aim for, more sustainably, more efficiently, more successfully.
  • How Zen Systems can help you in this process

Consulting Packages

We provide a variety of support services, packaged according to the needs identified in the Initial Assessment

  • Process Consulting
  • Reviewing Consulting
  • Resource Consulting


Process Consulting

Process consulting is the backbone of how I help you accelerate your innovation, the starting point for any consultancy package. I assist you through a structured approach to implement the plan created with you during the assessment process:

  • Feedback and assessment of progress
  • Tracking that all involved are performing as efficiently and as focused as possible.
  • Celebrating achievement
  • Solving problems that occur


  • Efficient, successful achievement of the goals
  • Quicker, more efficient implementation
  • Quicker, more efficient solutions to roadblocks
  • A healthier, happier, tighter team empowered to deliver your innovation to the world
  • Access to specialist resources from my network

What I do

I engage with you for typically 1-2 hours a week over an extended time period (not less than 1 month), during which time the plan provided in the assessment recommendations is carried out. I support you with a clear, guided process to ensure that you execute the recommended actions, a continual adjustment of execution based on progress and meeting any obstacles that occur, and rapid solutions to any roadblocks. I apply my analytical, communicative, activating and project/resource management skills and experience to keep the innovation on track, to achieve rapid and effective success.


The end result is the achievement of the goals set in consultation with you in the assessment process, as well as a clear view of what the next step is.

This includes a weekly assessment of success and progress, and solving problems as they occur.


Reviewing Consulting

Reviewing consulting involves my joining your team to provide direct assistance in the process as a reviewer. In addition to assisting you with the effective implementation of the venture through Process Consulting, I work directly to improve the quality of your deliverables by providing an additional reviewing asset.


  • Experienced communications, presentation, copy and tech content review, from a ‘friendly outsider’
  • More rapid review cycles>/li>
  • Sharper, more effective internal documents
  • Sharper, more effective external communications

What I do

I provide you with my expertise and experience within effective and powerful communication, including checking the effectiveness, validity, correct pitching, and impact of your internal documentation and external communications – everything from business plans, presentations, and pitches, to technical summaries, specifications and systems documentation. As a friendly but critical reviewer I shorten your document generation and review process and improve the result.


Your documents, better, through revised review process via drafts.


Resource Consulting

I join your team as a full team member resource/asset, providing direct input to your venture Here you gain the assistance of a prize-winning innovator ‘in the trenches’ with you, bringing my full experience and inventiveness to making your product/service even better


  • An additional team resource to implement the plan
  • A prize-winning innovator, entrepreneur and system engineer added to your team
  • A stronger, winning product/service
  • Enhanced problem-solving and execution

What I do

Here i become fully immersed in your venture as one of your team, providing direct input to your process. I can provide a whole range of inputs, based on my broad background and experience, whether simply being the manpower necessary to achieve specific elements of your goals in time, ‘someone who can write that spec, business plan, budget etc.’, right the way through to being a critical additional innovation resource for you to enhance your end result.


Responsibility for specific deliverables, as agreed inside the action plan from the Assessment, from individual items through to entire elements of your venture as necessary.

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